AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt | 25 Jahre POPP Kultur

Campaign, 2012
Role: Concept, art direction, illustration

Agency: MRM//McCANN

AIDs-Hilfe Frankfurt e.V. is a non-profit organization which is engaging with such topics as AIDS and HIV in all kind of ways. It supports people having the illness, helping them, and also working against denunciation and discrimination of concerned people.

For the 25th anniversary of the organization we at McCANN created “ 25 Jahre POPP Kultur” campaign. Every visual of the campaign was basically made of condoms.


“POPP Kultur” (ger.) has in this case 2 meanings: it sounds almost like Pop (popular) culture, but in german verb “poppen” is also slang for “to have sex”, so the main meaning is “A culture of having sex”, which actually AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt is aiming for.

Christmas poster

New Year’s poster

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