AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt | Summer festival poster

Poster design, 2014
Role: Concept, art direction, illustration

Agency: MRM//McCANN

AIDs-Hilfe Frankfurt e.V. is a non-profit organization which is engaging with such topics as AIDS and HIV in all kind of ways. It supports people having the illness, helping them, and also working against denunciation and discrimination of concerned people.

Every summer AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt is organizing a summerfest for the community. I used to design posters for this event a couple of years in a row while working for MRM//McCANN, Germany.

For particularly this poster I developed an alphabet, where each letter is a sexual position where two people, sometimes of the same gender, are involved. LGBT is a big part of this community. 


“Sommer is comming” - “Jetzt kommt der Sommer” (ger.) - has a double meaning - same like in english for the word “to come”. 

Even though the poster was quite provocative, it could have been seen in many places in Frankfurt.

©2018 Anna Chechetka