BMW Golfsport | “Donut challenge”

Digital campaign, 2018
Role: Storyboarding, photo shoot supervision, concept
Agency: Pascher+Heinz

To promote the 30. BMW International Open, together with BMW we created an event - “Donut chgallenge” -, where BMW Golfsport and BMW Motorsport came together. 3 professional golfplayers - Max Kieffer, Florian Fritsch and Nicolai von Dellingshausen had 30 balls each to hole from the distance of 30 meters, while Timo Glock, a professional racing driver, was drifting in circles around the hole, getting in the way of the golfsport athletes. 

Photo and video material were used for Social Media Campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
Some other short videos and snippets could be found on Facebook here and here , and on Instagram in the feed and in the “Donut challenge” story.
©2018 Anna Chechetka