LIDL Fan Cup

App & digital campaign, 2014
Role: Concept (partly), art direction
, photo shoot supervision, storyboard, social media
Agency: MRM//McCANN

LIDL, the leading grocery retailer in Europe wanted to transfer their key message - exciting and successful shopping - from local stores into the digital world. And, as an official FIFA partner in 2014 they set out to place it in the context of football.

In a 6-week tournament, fans from 23 countries engaged online, shooting offline on real foosball tables, having participated in over 300.000 matches. To bring our idea to life, we did something never done before. We engineered 50 electromechanical, web-connected foosball tables. In order to control the game, we developed a Facebook web-application. No installation and no plugins were necessary, letting fans play against each other for their own countries from any location and any device.

Equipped with 300 cameras we tracked each arena and all penalty shootouts from three different angles. Fans could see their shots in replays and constantly improve. And we installed 2 live cams for a real time insight to the place where everything happened.

For Lidl it was the most successful social media campaign with 300% more fans daily and over 500.000 new fans.


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