Russisches Tagebuch (Russian diary)

Book, 2011
Role: Concept, illustration, layout, design, production

“Russisches Tagebuch” is a book about Russia. It has a rough fabric cover with embossed type and picture, and Japanese book binding - pages are not split apart in the middle and only one side of a page is printed, backside stays blank. In the middle of the cover there is an illustration of a typical Russian window, which is not a coincidence - it invites to look inside and to make a little imaginary trip through some places in Russia.

The book consists of 3 chapters: Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and The rest, which describes some other Russian towns and villages.

“Russisches Tagebuch” made it to the final of ADC (Art Directors Club) design contest in Germany and was exhibited during the ADC Festival in Hamburg in 2012.


An interactive version of the book could be seen here.
Flyleaves in the book are made of natural paper, which perfectly matches the fabric cover. The illustrations are different, because the flyleaves tell the story: “Russisches Tagebuch” is about Russia and the train on the flyleaves is literally driving through the country. That is why we see its tail on the first flyleaf and its nose on the last.

As mentioned above - each chapter is separated by a double page with pictures of different things I collected in Russia, which have some connection to described places for me: plain-, bus-, train tickets, wrappers of my favorite Russian sweets, tickets to concerts or museums etc.
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