Masterpiece stories, lookbook, digital strategy, 2018
Role: Creative direction, art direction, photo shoot supervision, digital strategy

Agency: Pascher+Heinz

Following a general master-masterpiece concept, developed by Pascher+Heinz earlier, I have worked on the 4th issue of 3 new Masterpiece Stories about 3 French companies, picked by a client, and their “Masters”. being a creative ead fot the client and this particular project, I have been supervising the production (photo and video), as well as the pre- and post-production and developing stories (concept and design) for a print catalog and for other channels, offline and online such as banners, newsletters, landing pages and social media posts, including videos.

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Masterpiece Stories

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Lookbook - People

I have been also leading a studio photo shoot for the Würth MODYF winter 2018/19 lookbook. My role was again to create a concept based on the general lookbook concept, developed by Pascher+Heinz before, and to supervise the photo shoot. Besides creative direction I was responsible for a set design and art-direction there. We have photographed 11 different maintanences in different variations including closeups of the workwear and shoes. You can see some examples below.

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Lookbook - Shoes

Shoes were a big topic this time, so I developed a new presentation style for 5 shoe-lines.

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Digital Strategy

Together with my team at Pascher+Heinz we developed a digital strategy for Würth MODYF, visuzalized as a strategic scheme with the most important goals, the ways how to reach them and suitable strategic behavior, relevant for social media and all the other digital experiences. Amongst others we created and designed banner- and newsletter toolkits, and social media concept.
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